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Original Curly

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Original Curly is the founding father of curlypaws.com — he is a long standing sage of great wisdom and understanding. The other bears flock to him when times are hard. He is penniless, but only in a pecuniary sense… His wealth extends to millions when taking into account his warmth and understanding — which he is happy to share generously with the other bears. He is, it has to be said, eminently huggable — as his vaguely saggy appearance shows.

He is also one of the most human-oriented of the bears, happy to comfort and advise humans as well as bears. Any heart would melt when faced with such a kind hearted little bear.

Original Curly was the very first of the Curly bears to make his way into our hearts. From the first moment that we saw him, we realised that this was no ordinary bear. From that moment, we knew that we had found a bear who would do more than just sit in a corner. This bear would become an essential cornerstone of our lives.

His past is also interesting. He was a working bear in the city of Newcastle, toiling long hard hours for small reward in a dark, satanic factory before returning to his rather run down brick built terraced house in a dingy area of town. Luckily he was rescued and brought back to a new life in the open countryside of Scotland. He has thrived ever since.

Original Curly is very environmentally minded, but not totally averse to the finer things in life. He therefore drives a Fiat 500 and, as you would expect, is a very courteous driver. These days, he likes to take life slightly more easily than he once did. He has a partner, Scampering Bunny, and the two of them are extremely happy together.

Commercial Curly

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Commercial Curly is the managing director of curlypaws.com - an international company operating in a number of bear markets around the world. He is an astute business bear and his mobile phone and copy of the Financial Times are never far away. He is often courted for advice by world business leaders, impressed by the vast fortune that he has accumulated. They regularly beat a path to his door.

Commercial Curly also has a number of academic achievements to his name - he has an MBA earned at Harvard. Unfortunately Curly's fortune seems not to be readily converted to pounds sterling.

As you might expect of a bear of wealth and taste, Commercial Curly does his computing on Apple's top of the range Mac Pro using all the latest technology.

Commercial Curly is lucky enough to have a partner - Tiny Ice Bear. Tiny Ice Bear is an IT genius and is able to sort out Curly's computer problems. Commercial Curly, for all his business skills, is not particularly IT literate.

Commercial Curly enjoys the good life, and can often be found relaxing in a leather button back chair in a corner of his club - smoking a large cigar and with a glass of vintage port in his paw. He is usually found driving around in a luxury Mercedes S-63 AMG Coupe since he enjoys his comforts. As his girth may indicate he also enjoys a hearty meal - perhaps more frequently than is entirely appropriate.

Consultant Curly

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Whilst the case is arguable (particularly by Consultant Curly himself), he is the protégé of Commercial Curly. A little more heavily set and capable of a quite formidable “hug”, Consultant Curly spent a short career as an “enforcer” for some other bears of dubious repute. However, after seeing Commercial Curly waft past the Club he was minding one day, Consultant Curly felt that greater things beckoned.

Initially Consultant Curly moved into Management Consultancy, where he realised that a complete lack of qualifications would be no barrier to meting out binding advice to hapless Clients. This proved quite fruitful in terms of financial return however, he was experiencing just a few problems with repeat business - i.e. not very much of it.

Again influenced by others around him, Consultant Curly has since moved into Surveying as a career, with his large practice (for bears of course) dealing with both Quantity Surveying (where he has since qualified) and a fair bit of Property Management consultancy. He has found his past career as an “enforcer” to be not entirely out of place in this line of work.

Consultant Curly is the busiest of the bears currently with a lot of work on. He is just a touch less approachable than some of the others (they are a bit wary), however he is as kind at heart as any. Like Commercial Curly, he drives a Mercedes AMG S 63 Coupé.


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In the wake of Curly, few bears could really compare. Whilst looks and breeding could give great gravitas to any number of Stieff or Robin Rive bears, plain presence and personality simply put Curly on a pedestal. There could be no equal.

For some years the Curlys simply ran riot in the personality stakes, there could be only one.

Sensing the terrible domination that had grasped our bear ecosystem, we contracted a number of bear head-hunters to do something about the issue. The first head-hunters had grass skirts and shrunken heads in their necklaces. We knew then, there had been a tragic misunderstanding in the recruitment of our consultant. After this initial difficulty, we found some head-hunters that appeared to rely upon a less literal interpretation of the term.

On completion of their initial search, we found that indeed the cream had come to the top, and some serious potential was on the market. The CV listed our candidate as "Shaggington", a name that elicited no small degree of sniggering from a number of the other bears. Even at this point it was decreed that should Shaggington prove to be "our bear" that a renaming was quite likely.

Shaggington, (or "Shaggers" as Consultant Curly had dubbed him), had been a bear of leisure since birth. Shaggers had been born of high breeding (possibly quite a lot of it though) and had been used to a very genteel lifestyle since birth. Shaggers attended Cambridge studying something that he did not in the least understand, in which he obtained a 2:1 degree, which to this day, we have little understanding of. It seems pretty likely it was BA in something "arty" which would explain his entire absence of any useful training, it may perhaps also have been Psychology one supposes. We asked Shaggers about his understanding of business matters during our interview for this article and after much consideration, and some degree of consternation, Shaggers decided to give us the "posterior shot" which adorns this page.

Shaggers also attended Cambridge with "Aloysius", a bear of some considerable standing, with connections to some Waugh fellow, or other. Shaggers maintains that Aloysius was "a fabulous chap, but rather dim", which in itself is pretty worrying. We shouldn't be letting Aloysius loose in the kitchen with a tin opener on that recommendation - he is likely to maim half the bears in Scotland.

At this juncture, we would mention Shaggers re-naming. Shaggers from birth, and particularly from his attendance at Cambridge through to the present time, has shown nothing if not a propensity to have a fabulous time. He takes nothing much seriously, plays the most hideous practical jokes on almost everyone and generally just bums about having a marvellous time. He has the ability, when pressed, to put a smile on any person's, or any bear's face, through his capricious and entirely mad character. Specifically he has some incredible and even acrobatic dances to accompany his favourite tunes, and fairly lets rips in front of the stereo when he is letting his fur down. This huge, vast, (even vacuous) personality led to his christening with his "real" name - Scamps.

Scamps has brought much joy to the household, albeit some unbelievably bad investment recommendations, and has restored "balance" to the bear ecosystem.

Scamps doesn't drive anything, since driving is still a skill which has largely eluded him. He is however, an absolutely incredible competitive cyclist, riding a rather beautiful black and copper coloured Wilier bicycle. He was offered a ride in the Tour de France, but declined on the basis that even after having attended Cambridge, he still feels strongly that taking drugs is wrong.
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