Injured Bear

COVID-19 and Bears

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The Bears have received a lot of correspondence recently enquiring as to their health during the current pandemic, particularly given that the UK's government at Westminster seems to be making a dog's dinner of the crisis. After all, some of our bears are of advanced years.

Curly is happy to relay the news that bears are immune to COVID-19 and therefore there is no immediate risk to their health. This doesn't mean that they are unconcerned - on the contrary, bears have close connections to humans and are worried that their furless friends may become ill.

Therefore Curly asks that any readers remain indoors, socially distance, wear masks when social distancing isn't possible and (above all) stay safe.

Curly also wishes to note that, unlike UK government advisers, the bears don't go for 60-mile jaunts to "test their eyesight".

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