The Watchmaker's Ship

The Watchmaker's Ship

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It has happened! One of Curly's owners has actually written a book. And it is really, really good.

Kelly describes it as "A thriller within a space opera.

Orielle Mascallaine, a cynical soldier and Vachon a brilliant but currently incarcerated criminal, are each separately making their way to the farthest commercial outpost of explored space. One is following orders, the other is more used to making up his own orders.

As both allies and enemies arrive and shift unpredictably through their journeys, each must be prepared to react to their circumstances faster than they ever have.

In the midst of the predicaments they had some idea were ahead of them, a far greater threat is uncovered.

Whether they can survive will not depend on orders and chain of command, but on their wits and determination. But is that enough?"

You can pick it up on Kindle in the UK or US - please just search on the name in other countries. It is also available on Apple Books.

Make Curly happy and buy a copy!

Thursday November 19th, 2020
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